About Us

LOTUS was developed as a surveying application we check where we would ask for parents, educators feedback. Management then brainstormed different solutions to be able to assist students whom did not have access to internet. Having developed an application that was accessible offline and online, LOTUS was then expanded and transformed into an adaptive learning tool.

RKT Online works closely with a team of content developers and tech partners from Quovantis Inc, whom sole purpose is to create a bank of questions that are aligned to the current state standards and to develop a state of art technology for students, educators and parents. To date, our bank consists of over 73,000 questions that ranges from grades K-12, with different levels that assist students depending on their skills level. It also offers an internationalization option to switch the student’s language. Available languages consist of English, Spanish and Punjabi.

LOTUS is an interactive adaptive learning platform available on Android/ iOS /Web, which helps children, enhance their subject skills in a step-by-step manner. We ensure that LOTUS maximizes the learning for a student. LOTUS does this by adapting the difficulty level of a question as per the student’s performance in the previous questions. This is done in real-time, while the student is working on his/her learning plan. Moreover, if the questions become too difficult for the student to answer, LOTUS automatically adjusts and reduces the difficulty level of subsequent questions. We maintain the category of every question, which helps us to repeat similar kind of question if the student is not able to successfully attempt a question. This will help students gain a stronghold on the every type of question.

LOTUS aims to bridge the gap of knowledge of its users. Triumph starts with providing the essential resources for an efficacious development.



Monika is a business professional with a proven track record of successful business administration and managing large staffs and coordinating the implementation of policies and procedures. She will be responsible for staff recruitment and human resource compliances.



Brad is an accomplished Educator with wide range of experience as a consultant, coordinator, developer, director and instructor in the field of education.



Chander is a business professional with a proven track record of successful business startup and reorganization, contract negotiations, regulatory compliance, federal/state law compliance, education intervention, and cash & financial controls.